Hudson's Story


Hudson was born a healthy baby boy on August 28, 2013. At one month of age Hudson began having “stridor”, or making a gasping sound when he cried and we began to see a pulmonologist. He also started to have really bad reflux and as a result lost weight. Hudson was hospitalized for the first time in at the end of October 2013 due to the weight loss. After numerous tests to check what was causing the weight loss, the doctors decided it was best for Hudson to have a feeding tube. His first surgery was October 31, 2013 and was successful. However, once Hudson was moved back to his room he began having trouble breathing as was sent to the PICU. This would be our first of many stays. After a few days in the PICU he was finally moved to the step down unit and was sent home after a three week stay in the hospital. Hudson was sent home with oxygen and all his new equipment.

In December 2013, Hudson was referred to a neurologist because he was not meeting milestones. The neurologist reviewed the MRIs from the hospital stay and said he had microcephaly, which means his brain was abnormally smaller than it should be, but the doctor felt that there were some other underlying issues. Hudson had his first round of genetic testing done and we learned it came back “normal”. It was also during this month that we learned his pulmonologist felt he needed a tracheostomy. After much praying and even getting a second opinion, we moved forward with the surgery. Hudson had a tracheostomy on January 21, 2014. This time he was in the PICU for a week and then moved to the step down unit. He went home two weeks after his surgery.

Hudson seemed to be doing better and had a few great months. In April 2014, Hudson got pneumonia and was in the PICU for a week. It was after this illness that things started to go downhill. He began to get sick every other month it seemed like. He was sick again in July 2014 with a trach infection and stayed in the PICU for a week. In August 2014, his doctor felt that having Hudson on ventilator would help him not get sick as often. So he was placed on a ventilator. In October 2014, Hudson got sick again and was hospitalized for two weeks.

While all that was going on, Hudson had his doctors stumped on what could be wrong with him. So far all his genetic testing had been normal, but something was going on. So at the end of October 2014 we took him to meet with the geneticist at Texas Children’s Hospital. The doctor wanted Hudson to have a test called “Whole Exome Sequencing”, this genetic test looks at over 20,000 genes in the body and requires the parents to be tested also. We would have to wait for approval from insurance before this test could be performed and it finally came.

November 15, 2014 Hudson stopped breathing and was without a pulse for forty-five minutes. The doctors in the emergency room were able to get his pulse back, but the lack of oxygen did too much damage to his brain. On November 18, 2014, Hudson was removed from life support and passed peacefully in the arms of his mother and father. The doctors were able to draw blood from Hudson and his parents to perform the genetic testing, and now we awaiting the test results. Through his passing we learned that Hudson’s brain was shrinking and that all this is most likely due to whatever genetic disorder his has. Hudson was the sweetest little boy you would ever meet. He touched so many lives during his short time and was such fighter until the end.

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