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Hudson's Helpers is a group of volunteers who wish to provide support to children with extensive medical needs and their families through care packages and any other means possible.

Our care packages include a comfort item for baby, a book for family to read to baby, a "survival kit" for parents, a roll of quarters for the vending machine, and a personal note from moms who have been through their own nicu/picu journey.

Our particular group was inspired by the life of Hudson Babin and his mother, Sasha. Sweet Hudson received his angel wings on November 18, 2014 after a long and difficult journey. We want to send love to other families through his memory! You can help!

Visit the "GET INVOLVED" tab for more information on how you can get involved.

And always, pray! We want to spread love and compassion in the name of Jesus and in the remembrance of Hudson. Thank you for your support!

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